Review: Those Who Can, Teach



Moving from being a doctoral student to a classroom teacher is a major difference. The environments, atmosphere, and type of work are significantly different. One requires a lot of research on one subject. The other requires a lot of research on a broad subject. In fact, probably four subjects and classes rather than only one. Those Who Can, Teach, is aimed at doctoral-students-turned-classroom-teachers, but it is useful for all sorts who want to teach in the Christian class environment. The book is made up of eleven essays by different teachers from McMaster Divinity College, and is edited by Stanley Porter, President and Dean of New Testament.


There are 11 chapters here. In Chapter 1 Stanley Porter covers a philosophy of education. He looks at different educational system-structures (reconstructionism, humanism, etc) and the essential roles of the teacher (authority figure, best bud, coach, font of knowledge, etc). Chapter 2

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