Transhumanism: Humanity 2.0?

The Reformed Reader

It’s the theme of many movies and books: becoming more than human.  This is called transhumanism, the desire to become posthuman.  It’s also called humanity 2.0, mankind upgraded; this is biotechnology’s striving to mesh computers, brains, and DNA.  Think cyborgs, cryonics, and uploading a person’s “self” from his body to a computer.   Transhumanists want to give people a chance to develop or evolve beyond human limits.

Matthew Eppinette discusses this topic in his helpful essay, “Human 2.0: Transhumanism as a Cultural Trend” (inEveryday Theology).  Eppinette gives a good summary and theological critique of this movement, and in doing so, he nicely explains that scientific and technological advances are not the only reason for this rise of transhumanism.  What else explains this trend?

“Scientific developments have set only part of the stage for transhumanism; philosophical and cultural trends such as individualism and postmodernism also contribute.”

Individualism is the…

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