4 August 1808 Joseph Frey founds forerunner of CMJ #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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Ever the entrepreneur who covered his traces by moving on and founding new organizations, this first attempt by Joseph Frey [see here for biography and writings] to form a Mission to Jews would morph into the longer-lasting London Society for the Promotion of Christianity Among the Jews.


The first society folded. CMJ continues, in various regenerations, to today.

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Gidney reports: Consequently, on August 4th, 1808, at Artillery Street Chapel in the East End, a small and unpretending association, consisting of a few influential men, was formed under the title of

“The London Society for the purpose of visiting and relieving the sick and distressed, and instructing the ignorant, especially such as are of the Jewish nation,”

with Mr. Frey as President. The benefits offered appear to have been of a spiritual and temporal character, operations amongst the Jews being undoubtedly the most prominent, though not the exclusive, objects of…

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