6 August 1981 Death of James Parkes, Campaigner against Antisemitism and Re-visioner of Jewish-Christian Relations #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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“Imagine…if one can, a man who –– decades before the Holocaust and long before the full effects of mixing with Jews were felt –– grasped the extent of the historic acts of injustice of Christians toward Jewry and determined to atone for them by ending them. Imagine how, in his incredible capacity for empathy, he was able to penetrate through layers and layers of denigration and centuries of hardening the heart in order to feel the Jews’ pain and victimization. Imagine the power of discovery that enabled him to internalize the message and fate of Judaism as well as the intellectual daring that enabled him to apply these insights to the reformulation of the classic Christian faith in which he was so deeply rooted. This is the man –– Ecce Homo –– James Parkes.” [Irving Greenberg]

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William W. Simpson wrote in this obituary:

Those for whom Nostra Aetate, the…

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