Ratio Christi Missions Report from the Philippines: Aslan is On the Move

by Sheryl Young

Ratio Christi’s international outreach is exploding in the Philippines. We completed our second annual Philippines Apologetics Academy and Conference in Manila in June, 2015. During the 2014 conference, approximately a dozen people in Manila signed up after the conference to learn how to be RC chapter directors. That training took place, and some are now starting chapters. We also connected with pastors in many cities. This was part of our long-term goal for that nation.

At the 2015 conference, team leaders Nenette and Ramon Margallo reported attendance of over 200, most of them college folks and quite a few Roman Catholics. One person surrendered her life to Christ right after the conference.

“We also have a new applicant as RC Chapter Director for University of Santo Thomas,” Ramon states. “Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines – Manila are in the works.”

“The sessions this year explored and explained apologetics,” Nenette explains. Topics from over a dozen speakers included:

-“Is Apologetics only for Destroying Arguments and Opinions that are Against God’s Truth?”
-“How Can Apologetics Help Me in My Walk with God?”
-“What Is the Significance Of Apologetics in Discipleship?”
-“How Apologetics Helps Us in Spiritual Growth and Discipleship”

“On a Wednesday night, we tackled the topic: “Being: Reality in Apologetics,” she reported. “We talked about metaphysics and discussed the nature of reality, material and immaterial things, essence and existence. We also showed how our view of reality could lead us to God.”

See all the speakers and their bios here.

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Ratio Christi Missions Report from the Philippines: Aslan is On the Move.

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