Studies in Eschatology [9]




Continuing with my study on eschatology, I would like to provide a brief overview of each of the three major eschatological systems with my next set of posts: amillennialism, postmillennialism, and then premillennialism. I don’t want to go into a detailed interaction with each system evaluating all the strengths and weaknesses. I merely want to lay out the historical development and the major theological talking points.

I will begin with amillennialism.

Right out of the starting gate we are faced with a problematic term. The prefix “a -” means “no,” and “millennium” of course means “millennium,” or “1,000” as in “1,000 years.” Thus, the term means “no millennium” or “no thousand years.”

It is a problematic term because it inaccurately suggests amillennialists do not believe in a millennium. I cannot count how many times I have had to correct this misconception in the minds of individuals…

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