Three Pieces of Gospel-Centered Advice for the New School Year


schoolkidsbackpacks-620x400The end of summer means the end of pool parties, water parks, staying up late and sleeping in. But nothing signals the end of summer like the trumpet call of the first day of school. Some kids anticipate it. Some kids dread it. Some kids will be up at 5:00 AM with their backpacks on ready to go. Others will have to be wrestled out of bed by both mom and dad. If last night in First Kids was any indication, most kids are decidedly not ready to go back to school.

Yet, to school they will go. With their “Ahh, Mom!” cries and their teenage “Ugh!” they will go to school. As a new parent, I wonder what it will be like to send Jude to school on that first day. A couple little girls in our church ran up to me last night so excited that they will…

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