Manifestations of Pride Pt. 2

The Contenders

Here are the next six in Stuart Scott’s list of the different ways we can manifest pride in our lives. Check out Part 1.

7. Perfectionism.

People who strive for everything to be perfect often do so for recognition. They may do it so they can feel good about themselves. Whatever the reason, this behavior is very self-serving and proud. The basic problem is making things that are less important, more important (Matt 23:24-28)

8. Talking too much.

Proud people who talk too much often do it because they think that what they have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say. When there are many words, sin is generally unavoidable (Prov 10:19)

9. Talking too much about yourself.

Proud people may center on themselves in conversation. Sharing personal accomplishments and good personal qualities with others can be bragging or boasting (Prov 27:2; Gal 6:3)

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