Core Ideas in The Unseen Realm | Dr. Mike S Heiser

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Core Ideas in The Unseen Realm

1. Divine council

  • God’s family; God’s administration
  • God desires his divine and human imagers to together enjoy his presence, and he theirs.
  • God desires his divine and human imagers to obediently administer his affairs in their respective realms.

2. Divine imaging

  • What it is; its intrinsic meaning

3. Free-will rebellions by God’s imagers

Genesis 3

  • divine and human rebellion, leading to council expulsion and loss of human terrestrial immortality (=death)

Genesis 6:1-4

  • divine rebellion that leads to (not causes) human corruption

Genesis 11:1-9 / Deut. 32:8-9

  • Human rebellion that leads to (not causes) divine corruption

4. Edenic Cost/ Loss

  • Halted the spread of Eden to all the earth (i.e., earth’s good but imperfect state not made Edenic; “chaos” not perfected)1
  • Human immortality in God’s Edenic world
  • Harmony between the seen and unseen realms / divine imagers
  • Human membership in God’s home / administration (his council)

5. Reversing the Effects of Free-Will Rebellions

Eden / Genesis 3

  • Divine presence returning to earth to dwell with God’s elect people
    • election is not a synonym for salvation
  • This is where the idea of restoring a divine, earthly kingdom must begin
  • Overcome the power of the original rebel (lord of the death); restore human immortality in God’s Edenic world

Genesis 6

  • Eradicate the hostile seed that arose because of the rebellion of the sons of God, which will stand against kingdom restoration
  • Restrain the spread of evil catalyzed by this event2

Genesis 11 / Deut 32:8-9

  • Bless the nations that were disinherited
  • Claim human council members / believers from among the disinherited nations
  • Reclaim those nations under the authority of new sons of God (believers)
  • Destroy the gods of the nations who became rebellious and corrupt

6. Ultimate Source for All These Points

Jesus Christ

  • Covenant maker (Word; Gen 15)
  • Law giver (Gal. 3:19 et al)
  • Key to secret messianic plan of redemption
  • Gospel to Gentiles / Pentecost
  • Our resurrection
  • Our perfect imager
  • Our brother-presenter in the council (Heb 2)
  • Judge of the gods at Day of the Lord
  1. This latter idea — chaos and the original imperfection of the earth — is not developed in the book. It was something introduced in the original draft. It will get a lot of attention in a follow-up volume. 
  2. This item isn’t developed in the book; it will be in a follow-up volume. The best development of this I’ve seen is that found in the SBL paper I blogged about last November / December. 

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Core Ideas in The Unseen Realm.

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