Review Lecture: ‘Isaiah’ by Rikk Watts



Rikk Watts is a full-time teacher at Regent College, and is known for his work on the Gospel of Mark and his book Isaiah’s New Exodus in Mark. He wrote the 100,000 word contribution on Mark to Carson and Beale’s Commentary on the NT Use of the OT. He’s replacing Lane’s volume on Mark in the NICNT series. Word on the street says Watts’ writing two books titled Jesus and the Mighty Deeds of Yahweh (lecture here) and Heaven on Earth: an Introduction to the Christian Vision.

So I had the chance to review, not one of Watts’ books, but one of his classes. Maybe you’ve seen my posts about some of his musings in his class, but this was very unexpected. I don’t really know how many others have done this, and I think it was a first for Regent College too!


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