On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Johanna-Ruth Douglas (Hansie Dobschiner) was born in 1925 and died on August 13 2002. She was a well-known and much loved figure in the British Messianic Jewish Alliance, and a leading member in Scotland. Here is her obituary from the Glasgow Herald. Not only did she die on August 13, but on the same date in 1943 she miraculously escaped arrest and deportation.

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Johanna-Ruth Douglas, known to everyone as Hansie, who wrote a moving memoir of her experience as the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust, has died at the age of 76.

Selected To Live tells of her remarkable series of escapes as a teenager in her native Holland when she kept one step ahead of her Nazi pursuers to survive the war with the help of a series of sympathetic and brave Dutch families.

Born to Jewish parents in Berlin, Hansie’s earliest memory, with which…

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