LXX Scholar Interview: Dr. John Meade

Septuaginta &c.

It’s time for another installment in my ongoing “Septuagint Scholar Interview” series. For reference, some of my previous as well as upcoming interviews are located on this page. Today we have the opportunity to hear from one of the younger scholars active in Septuagint studies, John Meade. John is a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD), where he studied with Dr. Peter Gentry.

John has been assistant professor of Old Testament at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona since 2012, teaching a variety of courses. He also maintains involvement in the Hexapla Institute (see here also), which you’ll read more about below. Consequently and most importantly for our purposes here, John is active in Septuagint studies, and to that we now turn our attention:

The Interview

1) Can you describe how you first became interested in LXX studies, and your training in the discipline?

Will, thanks for including me in…

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