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For many, the subject of “eschatology” is like ice cream. It’s delightfully sweet and you always crave more of it. For others (to use a phrase from my friend Lindsay), it might as well be a root canal. It’s painful to listen through, there’s a lot of screaming and tears, and it pretty much is the end of the world. Jonathan Menn has done what many have not been able to do. Menn made a career as an attorney, but in his 50s he went to TEDS and received his M.Div in 2007. Growing up, “eschatology” to me was just a big word that meant Jesus was coming back at the sound of a trumpet, and, according to the movies, I’m leaving my clothes behind. In college, I knew it as “that section” in the back of big theology books that didn’t apply to my every day life and was…

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