The Oversight of a Church.

Graham's Space

I want to emphasise the last blog on church leadership and look at the way overseers work in the local church. We have a good Bible example in Acts 13:1, where 5 men were praying for the church and the work of God – Barnabas, Simeon [called the Black], Lucius [from Cyrene], Manaen [who had been brought up with Herod], and Saul [of Tarsus].

These are interesting and diverse men, but for now we must only note that the Holy Spirit could speak directly to them and call Barnabas and Saul for the 1st missionary journey. But some Bible teachers still promote the Romish theory that God does not speak like that today; how pathetic, what a miserable religion they have! This is what the Cessationist Theory has done to men who should be overseers and inspiring their people! To be responsive to the voice of the Holy Spirit…

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