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There is an increasing awareness of religious diversity in the West due to globalization. Harold Netland, professor of philosophy of religion and intercultural studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is someone with keen insights into the implications of the modern religious climate for those of us with Christian commitments. In Christianity & Religious Diversity he untangles issues facing Christians today.

Netland states that this is not an introduction to religion, but “a  selective treatment of issues related to religious diversity and Christian commitment” (xi).  He divides his exploration of the topic in two parts. In part one,  he explores the nature of religion in the modern, globalizing world. In part two, Netland discusses ‘Christian Commitments in a Pluralistic world.’ Part one describes the lay of the land, and part two is designed to help Christian religious philosophers, missionaries and apologists navigate it.

Part one begins with Netland…

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