19 August 1509 Johannes Pfefferkorn implements Padua Mandate Confiscating Jewish books #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

fol6r Item IV.1, folio 6, recto. Protocols of Meetings: City Council and Jewish Community of Frankfurt am Main, 1509-1510. (From the Institut für Stadtgeschichte  Frankfurt am Main, Juden Akten 779.

On 19 August 1509, Emperor Maximilian signed the infamous Padua Mandate, thereby authorizing confiscation of Jewish books in the Holy Roman Empire on the grounds that they contained elements that were heretical, blasphemous and libelous. The emperor also claimed that the books “turn you away from our Christian faith.”

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JOHANNES PFEFFERKORN (Joseph; 1469–after 1521) was a Jewish believer who became an anti-Jewish agitator. Originally from Moravia, Pfefferkorn claimed to have been educated by a relative, Meir Pfefferkorn, a dayyan in Prague. A butcher by profession, he was convicted of burglary and theft, but released on payment of a fine. After his release, at the age of 36, he and his wife and children were converted to Christianity in Cologne (c…

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