Why Do Christology?

CWoznicki Think Out Loud

Why do Christology? Mackintosh suggests that four motives may be found in the New Testament itself:

  1. IT was believed that Jesus was the fulfillment of OT prophecy, and that God’s revelation ended with him. If so, who was/is he?
  2. Jesus exaltation and his gift of the Spirit mean that he is Lord, begetting in believers as a transcendent life and a hope in his coming again to be revealed as central and omnipotent. If so, who was/is he?
  3. The apostolic church, extending the mission beyond the Jewish circle, discovered that Jesus was for the whole world. His significance was universal. If so, who was/is he?
  4. The self-witness of Jesus quickened the thought of his awareness of a unique sonship, which raised all manner of questions concerning his relationship to God. If so, who was/is he?
In Andrew Purves - Exploring Christology and Atonement - pg. 76

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