August 26 addition from Richard Harvey #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

August 26 addition

The blog posts normally take an hour to research in the evening, and an hour to put up in the morning, but are also the product of 40 years’ ongoing research and working knowledge of Jewish believers in Jesus. But here, on the day of Karl Marx’s baptism, I cannot claim he was particularly Jewish or Christian, and I mistyped the date. He was baptised on 26 August 1844, not 25!

That’s what this project has been all about. A quick skim through the annals and history of Jewish believers in Jesus (JBYs), to see what is out there, trying to construct something of a narrative of JBYs to give present-day Messianic Jews a sense of their history and identity, and learn for myself what was going on throughout the centuries in the interface between Judaism and Christianity, and what happened to those caught in the fault-lines…

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