Daily Devotionals: (26th Aug.) Life and Immortality Secured

thinkGOSPEL blog

Reading: Genesis 3:23-24

Mortality in the spiritual realm is all around us. The decline in spiritual virtues and the deadly tendency of the flesh continually bring before us the wretchedness of this life, and with Paul we cry out, “Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (Romans 7:24).

Redeemed by the grace of God and made a new creature in Christ, and having become “like God,” Adam knew that life was restored to his soul. However, he was acutely aware of death in the body. The Lord had made it very clear that “change and decay” was going to be his lot in life. Holding on to the promise of a Redeemer for his soul he realizes that his body is still in the grip of death.

The temptation therefore to “put forth his hand and eat of the tree of life” was very real for Adam…

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