Review: Five Festal Garments [NSBT]



Five Festal Garments by Barry Webb is the tenth volume in the New Studies in Biblical Theology [NSBT] series edited by D. A. Carson. Webb, known for his work on Judges, writes about ‘the Scrolls,’ made up by the five shortest books in the Writings, the third and final part of the Hebrew canon. These five books are the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther. For a long time now these books have presented problems for their interpreters, with issues ranging from canonicity to “the manner in which they should be understood and used as Holy Scripture“ in the lives of God’s people (14). With biblical theology, Webb presents these five enigmatic books as case studies for Christian reflection on the OT. 

Each chapters covers one of the five ‘Scrolls.’ Each chapter has three parts:

  1. What does the book say about itself?
  2. How does the book fit into and…

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