I need to know thirst

Amen Dan!

Apprentice 2 Jesus

A teacher of the Word I highly admired shared a story from early in his ministry. He was leading a student group while finishing up his post-grad studies. God had brought favor on his ministry and good things were happening. He had a radical dependence on the Spirit through all the work.

One night late he was feeling the pressure of the grad work and leading the ministry. He felt the burden and thought, “I just can’t take this. Where is God?”

In that moment he testified that the presence of God seemed to lift up off him and his shoulder felt an unimaginable weight come down. He knew what was going on. The Lord was lifting up his presence so he could see just what kind of “burden” he was carrying. He realized it was the Lord who was holding off so much more pressure.

The leader quickly prayed…

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