Have People Lost Their Ever-Loving-Mind?


Over the last few weeks, there’s been a number of news stories that make you wonder if some people have simply “lost-their-ever-loving-mind”. For example, commentators and politicians are blaming everything (but the shooter) for the terrible murder of the reporter and cameraman in Virginia, Planned Parenthood is making ridiculous statements in response to recent videos exposing their practices, politicians are telling us to whole-heartedly trust Iran, the City Counsel of Denver is refusing permits to Chick-fil-A because they’re now considered “immoral”, and then there’s this story that took the proverbial cake:

The University of Tennessee has decided to become a social leader by having their Office of Diversity and Inclusion issue guidelines to new gender neutral pronouns such as “ze”, “hir”, “zir”, “xe”, “xem” and “xyr”. Evidently the idea is to ask every student what they prefer and to never, ever practice such a silly thing as assuming a student…

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