Biblical Studies Carnival 114 – August 2015

Great stuff!

Reading Acts

We are deep in the dog days of summer, but August Biblical Studies Carnival is a breath of fresh air. Bob MacDonald has done a remarkable job collecting the best of the BiblioBlogs this month at at his blog Dust.  Click all the links, support the scholars who do good work and share it on their blogs each month. Bob has also included a short introduction of the author for his links. Airton José da Silva, the only person who remembers all the Carnivals ever, points out this is Biblioblog Carnival 114, which is נז*ב = קיד (that is 57 * 2= 114), which might be a Gematria sign of the apocalypse or something. Be sure to thank Bob for is great work this month.

Dog Blogger

In other Biblioblog news, Jim West has dedicated his Avignonian Carnival to the “kinder and gentler side of academic biblical studies.” So if you shared your feelings this month, Jim…

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