Reviewing Which Bible Would Jesus Use? [5]

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Chapter 4

Why the Lord didn’t preserve the original autographs

I return once again to my review of Jack McElroy’s KJVO book, Which Bible Would Jesus Use? I will briefly provide summary of the chapter and then a review and response.


In his fourth chapter, McElroy derides the notion of the original manuscripts. He begins his chapter by stating that everyone knows that the original parchments of both the OT and NT are gone; even the tables of stone the Lord gave Moses no longer exist [79].

However, the main talking point of modern, textual scholarship is that God’s Word CAN be found in the originals and the goal of genuine, textual criticism is the identification of those original documents of Scripture. McElroy calls that the “Original Bible” doctrine and he says that it permeated the Christian culture today to the point where souls are lost because the only authority…

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