Congrats Dr. Skinner!

Crux Sola

BlogI wasn’t really paying attention, but when I got to my office, had sent me a “Happy Anniversary” message. Six years ago today, unemployed with a PhD in hand (and living with a wife and three kids in my in-laws’ home), I started my first blog, PEJE IESOUS. I spent the first four and a half years blogging there and have spent the last year and a half here on Crux Sola, blogging with Nijay.

I’m not sure how “successful” I am or have been as a blogger as it is only one small piece of my life as an academic. However, I have enjoyed it and it has served as a way for me to flesh out ideas and interact with those in the field. I would say, “here’s to six more years,” but I wonder if biblioblogs will even be around then(?). Who knows how things…

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