Transforming Scotland – the Barna Report

 Transforming Scotland is a new report published by Barna Global (available at Transforming Scotland – Barna Report According to the press release “Transforming Scotland is a unique and informal network of Christian leaders and The Maclellan Foundation. The group’s Steering Group is made up of individuals from Scottish churches, Scripture Union Scotland and the Scottish Bible Society. “ The research was made up of 1,000 interviews of Scottish adults, plus various church leaders and churches. This report is being launched this week at a series of meetings in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I have just returned from the Dundee one in the Steeple church at which there was a decent representation of mainly evangelicals from various denominations. There was a good group from the Free Church and from independent churches and the Church of Scotland.

As anyone who reads this blog knows – this is a subject I am really…

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