Mom's Going to Madagascar

My last post was May 14th. That’s 3 months and 18 days ago. That’s a total of 110 days. You could also say it’s 2,640 hours or 158,400 minutes. You might also say it’s about 9,504,000 seconds. You know, roughly. You could say that. But why would you? I already feel bad enough for going so long without chatting with you. I’m back now, though! And, I  have some really good excuses. Would you like to hear what I’ve been doing with my time over the last few months instead of faithfully writing to you? Here’s my list:

  • Growing a baby boy – his name is Eli Augustus and we’re going to call him Augie. He will be born on October 20th. He’s so active, my entire abdomen is almost constantly moving. Seriously, growing a baby is exhausting.
  • Running after a toddler – my adorable little baby girl is now suddenly very toddler-y…

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