Studies in Eschatology [11]



I wish to return to my continuing series on the study of eschatology. I have turned my attention toward reviewing the three major millennial systems: amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism.

The last two articles addressed amillennialism and postmillennialism, and with this post I will sketch out the basic tenets of premillennialism. Like the two previous articles, It is not my intention to provide a long, detailed analysis. I want merely to hit upon the important features.

The prefix “pre” provides the central conviction of premillennialism: Christ will return prior to the millennial kingdom. Additionally, rather than saying the “millennium” is a spiritual understanding of the present church age, premillennialists believe the 1,000 years that define the millennium are real, chronological years. In other words, when Jesus Christ returns, He will establish a Messianic kingdom in which He will rule for 10 consecutive centuries. Or, if…

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