Christianity, the Barna report and the Scottish Secular Society – Letter in the Courier -2nd September

After the Barna report went public –

Spencer Fildes of the Scottish Secular Society issued a statement rejoicing in what he saw as the demise of religion and blaming it on fact that people can see its effects on the TV and internet every day….I wrote this response which was published in the Courier.

Dear Editor,

Spencer Fildes, chairman of the Scottish Secular Society, has demonstrated the anti-religious nature of his group (Courier 2nd September). He seems to think that the internet has led to ‘an explosion of evidence- based understanding’ and that this has resulted in many people associating religion with conflict, child abuse, misogyny, violence and privilege’. It is little wonder that they do so – because the internet allows the kind of hate filled media campaigns and slanders which are all too prevalent on the Secular Scotland Facebook page. Rather than ‘understanding’ this leads to prejudice…

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