Shared from Faithlife Today | Dr. Craig Blomberg on Parables | God as Man in the Old Testament: Part One


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New Testament specialist Craig Blomberg presents a sturdy shelf of works from Baker Academic and Brazos Press. In this collection, you’ll get a variety of theological, exegetical, and hermeneutical resources that center on the Bible’s timeless sufficiency and divine inspiration. Get the most out of your New Testament studies, whether you preach the New Testament’s message for conversion or teach the New Testament for the next generation of disciples.

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Take Dr. Heiser’s course on the Trinity in the Old Testament

In this revealing course, Dr. Michael Heiser illuminates the Old Testament basis for the Christian Godhead. Dr. Heiser, academic editor at Logos Bible Software, reveals how God was cast as more than one person in the Old Testament, and how New Testament writers applied those descriptions to Jesus. Dive into Old Testament theology and powerful descriptions of God, and discover foundational truths for apologetics and Jewish evangelism. Dr. Heiser holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages, making him an excellent Old Testament guide.

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Source: Dr. Craig Blomberg on Parables | God as Man in the Old Testament: Part One

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