Three Masons

Rus Alan

St. Trinity Monastery of Ishinbay Russia St. Trinity Monastery of Ishinbay Russia

In the early 14th century in Central Europe, an ongoing project in the construction of a magnificent cathedral was continued. The works supervisor was a monk who has been assigned to monitor the work of all laborers and craftsmen. A time came when the monk decided to check on his masons, and he chose three masons, as representatives of the different positions presented in their profession.

Approaching the first mason, he said “my brother, tell me about your work.”

The mason pulled away from his work and answered with a voice full of anger and resentment, “as you can see, I’m sitting in front of the stone stove three feet in height, foot and a half in length and width. And with each blow of the chisel to the stone, I feel like I’m chiseling away a piece of my life. Look, my hands…

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