Book Review: “Theology as Retrieval” by W. David Buschart and Kent D. Eilers

J.W. Wartick - Reconstructing Faith


Theology as Retrieval is an exploration of how theologians might look to the past to gain applicable insights into today’s challenges. It is more than that, though. There are several specific aspects of theological retrieval that are addressed in the book from a variety of angles.

After a robust introduction that outlines what is meant by retrieval of theology and the different ways this is being brought about, there are individual chapters on various topics around which retrieval is centering. These are scripture, theology (broadly), worship, spirituality, mission(s), and cosmos. Each chapter has a question that is being addressed by many of the projects, examples of how retrieval is taking place in this specific area, and some of the results of retrieval in that field.

For example, the chapter on worship asks the question “Whose House is This?” Then, it traces various responses to the question, whether various Protestant…

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