What I’ve Been Up To: Bible References in Systematic Theologies

Rick Brannan

Berkhof's Systematic TheologyFirst, a disclaimer. I am not a systematician or a theologian. As I said in an earlier post, I’m part of an awesome team that is Faithlife. One of my colleagues at Faithlife is Phil Gons, who has more knowledge of Systematic Theology (and systematic theologies) in his pinkie-toe than I will ever have.

So after we completed the updated Grammars section of Exegetical Guide for Logos Now users, we thought about what types of resources (books) lend themselves to this sort of approach. One of the first thoughts was Systematic Theologies. Why wouldn’t someone want to know how their Systematic Theology books used Bible references in discussions about particular theological topics? If you’re a Logos Now subscriber, now you can do this.

Much of the organization and classification of resources is due to Phil’s guidance. We used the classic categories of Systematic Theology (Theology Proper, Angelology, Bibliology, Eschatology, etc.)…

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