Review: Galatians (Paideia)



Peter Oakes, Greenwood Senior Lecturer in the New Testament at the University of Manchester, has given us another good commentary on Galatians, one that is needed in light of those who advocate for the New Perspective on Paul. Even still one might ask, “Why do we need another commentary (again)?”

  • Here, the aim of the series is mainly to students of the academic kind, that they would be engaging in NT studies and would be grounded in a basic understanding the NT texts. Along with this, “Paidiea” in Greek means “education.”
  • So NT texts are written and shaped by the writing styles of the time. Knowing how ancient writers wrote various forms of literature helps us to better understand our Bible today.
  • And the NT texts weren’t written so the authors could make a quick buck (or a denarius?). They have their own teaching aims, aims to “form the theological convictions…

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