Changes to Cataclysmic!

Cruciform Theology

Hello faithful readers!

There are some changes coming to your favorite blog. As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much content on Cataclysmic for the last few months. Good news: there are plans to change that. Those plans involve re-branding Cataclysmic as a new blog called “Cruciform Theology.” All of our older posts will still be here and our content will remain somewhat similar.

Cruciform Theology will be a place for myself (and others) to write and discuss on the various ways that a Jesus-centered theology intersects with biblical scholarship, politics, ethics, pop culture, and other academic disciplines. We will also continue to post book reviews as publishers continue to grace us with free books.

For right now, please excuse the construction on our website. We are currently reorganizing everything. You can still get to our blog from the old link, but our main URL will now be…

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