The Scottish Secular Society’s Fears Answered – Letters in the Dundee Courier – Sept 2015

The following is a very revealing letter printed in the Courier (10th September 2015) , by Garry Otton of the SSS. My response, printed on the 12th follows after:


Alex Salmond asks in your newspaper: “what exactly is it that the secular society fear about religious faith which makes them so sensitive?”   Here’s what we fear.  Up to four unelected religious affiliates on every religious education committee in Scotland. 

A robust support for the segregation of children into separate schools on the basis of what their parents believe. The spread of more divisive faith schools.  Exemptions from equality legislation the rest of us have to abide by.  The failure to stop religious proselytising in our schools. 

Exemptions from taxes the rest of us have to pay. Millions in government grants and handouts to faith organisations and the attempt to get faith a privileged platform in Holyrood, like in Westminster, against the…

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