17 September 1394 Jews again expelled from France #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Previously expelled in 1182 and 1306 but allowed to return, the expulsion of 1394 was sporadically applied and renewed again in 1498 and 1615. Jews were not permitted officially to settle again in France until 25 September 1675. They were given full citizenship in 1791.

330px-Old_Jewish_Area_Troyes_of_Rachi_France Old Jewish area of Troyes – home town of Rashi

Expulsion of 1394

On 17 September 1394,s Charles VI suddenly published an ordinance in which he declared, in substance, that for a long time he had been taking note of the many complaints provoked by the excesses and misdemeanors which the Jews committed against Christians; and that the prosecutors, having made several investigations, had discovered many violations by the Jews of the agreement they had made with him. Therefore, he decreed as an irrevocable law and statute that thenceforth no Jew should dwell in his domains (“Ordonnances”, vii. 675). The king signed this decree at…

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