David deSilva has done the church a wonderful favor in writing An Introduction to the New Testament. Many NT introductions are the same. I own a few others (Tenney, Metzger, Geisler) and they have the usual date, authorship, summary, unit-by-unit structure. The Cradle, The Cross, and the Crown by Kostenberger, Kellum, and Quarles is very good. Though it takes a similar approach to the aforementioned books, they do a very good job at providing the reader with a solid, evangelical, updated resource on the NT. On the other hand, rather than taking a unit-by-unit approach, deSilva moves through the NT letters thematically, looking at what makes these letters so special. (My summarized Logos review can be found here, pictures included)


At 930 pages of readable material, to summarize a book this large is quite difficult. To balance between a thick-swamp approach and a cotton-candy approach is difficult.

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