The Most Important Debate – Scott McKenna, Angus Morrison, the Atonement and the Future of the Church in Scotland

In March of this year I wrote the following article – based on a video which I watched with mounting horror (I attach that below as well).  In it Rev Scott McKenna in answering the question ‘do you believe that Jesus died for your sin?’, declared ‘no,no, no, thats ghastly theology’.  In one soundbite he denied the whole good news of Jesus Christ.  After writing the article Scott got in touch with me and we had a coffee in Cafe Musa on the Mound.   I felt we got on well and as a result we agreed to have an open discussion in his church on this subject and others to do with the Christian gospel. At a personal level I confess that I liked Scott – I prefer an honest liberal to a dishonest evangelical!   Scott is only declaring openly what many professing ‘Christians’  and ‘Christian’ ministers believe…

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