Rightly Handling the Word of God: a book review

thoughts, prayers & songs:

For the Love of God’s Word is an introduction to biblical hermeneutics. Andreas Köstenberger and Richard Patterson have teamed up again to help serious Bible students interpret scripture well (they previously authored Invitation to Biblical Interpretation, and this book is an abridgment of that text). Köstenberger and Patterson have a three part approach to interpreting scripture, what they call  ‘the Hermeneutical Triad’: History, Literature and Theology.  This is similar to the approach of my own professors of Hermeneutics and Exegesis and does real justice to the interpretive task.

Köstenberger and  Patterson are at their most brief in part I (, where they give a brief overview of Biblical history, discuss the contribution of archaeology to our understanding of Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman culture,  and they give some interpretive suggestions for distinguishing which biblical customs remain normative and those which are ‘limited in application.’ They do all this in about twenty…

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