Book Review: The Message 100 Devotional Bible

Heather C. King - Room to Breathe

The Message 100 Devotional Bible: The Story of God in Sequence
by Eugene Peterson

I remember first being introduced to The Message paraphrase translation of the Bible in college.  I loved reading the Bible in The Message and then going back to my more familiar translations and reading with a new perspective.  I found that I’d often been missing out on the nuances of the original language until I read The Message and saw how Eugene Peterson brought the language to life. Now, Peterson offers The Message 100 Devotional Bible, laying out the ‘story’ of the Bible in unbroken timeline sequence and offered in 100 separate readings.The Message 100

We do have a way of trying to restrict God to language that sounds holy and formal, when in reality much of Scripture itself was written in the daily, everyday language of the people.  Jesus made Himself accessible to the people. So,

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