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Shame and the Recovery of Faith


But this raises another question, though Peter can find Christ by faith outside the hall, is there no comfort to be found in His sensible presence? Does faith make sight a vain and fruitless exercise? Does the blessing of believing take away the joy of seeing Him? Was the womb not blessed that held Him (Luke 1:28) and was there not some blessedness in the eyes that saw Him and the arms that embraced Him?

Was it further temptation that made Peter flee as a burnt child from the fire? Was the voice of the maid able to drive him from the Son of the virgin, or the challenge of the servant from the presence of the Lord? Was not that look able to confirm him, which was able to convert him? Did Peter fear the fall from the Rock, his Saviour because he had before fallen from the sand? What presumption! Did Peter flee from that place of blasphemy because it was the place where Christ suffered from the base reproaches of wicked men? Could the air of that place be so infectious? Was the blasphemy of a Jew more potent to pollute than the grace of Christ to sanctify the high-priest’s hall?…

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Source: (28th Sept.) Meditations on the Rise of Peter