Tolerant Christianity vs Intolerant Atheistic Secularism – Courier Debate Continues

Letter: Misrepresenting secularist views

The Courier & Advertiser 25 Sep 2015

Sir,- In his letter of September 19, Rev David Robertson seeks to misguide readers regarding the Scottish Secular Society (SSS), secularists in general and the public funding of religion. Four paragraphs after posing as innocent of “slurs against atheists” he claims that “the atheistic secularists want to use the state school system to indoctrinate children into their philosophy”.

What the SSS actually wants is for state schools to be neutral on religion, promoting neither religion nor atheism and leaving such influence to parents. He claims Christians do not use state schools to indoctrinate children, yet Christian indoctrination takes place daily in state schools all over the country, as children not known to be from Christian families are enrolled in mandatory religious observance, told to sing praises and offer prayers to a Christian God and presented with Christian supernatural beliefs…

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