When we wrap our lives around the everyday, we often forget to look after ourselves. We cloak ourselves in the garment of “work and discipline.” When it’s finally served its usefulness, we’ve missed the things that really matter. When we don the apparel of perfection, the disguise often acts as a cover up for the things going on inside. Eventually the fabric wears out. The threads begin to fray. There is nothing left but the worn, tattered rags of a lost existence.

We have wasted our time thinking about what could have been or what might be.  Now its time to shed those worn out clothes.  It’s time to snuggle into the warm attire Christ provides for us through His love. It will serve as protection against our enemies; as a royal cloak – denoting our future in paradise; it will shine brighter than any star and reflect off of us onto others; it will have value beyond…

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