Review: The Science Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)



In high school I did pretty well in science. Earth science, physical science, chemistry, physics… I aced all of my classes. However, I’m really not good at science, and I never was. I can do the math, and I could remember the facts (though I despised chemistry), but I was never particularly skilled at science. It didn’t pique my interest. And honestly, it still doesn’t. I have a very hard time remember how just about anything science-related works. Weather patterns? Atmospheric conditions? Plant ecology? The only part about biology I ever enjoyed was when we talked about the animals. At least they had names and faces I was familiar with.

Not like the Amoeba Boys.

I’m not familiar with topics on cellular structure. Really, how many people remember the parts that make up a flagellum?

8 Years

Since it’s been 8 years since I’ve had a high school science class (7 years for…

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