Canons of Hippolytus: an introductory essay

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A while back a collection of essays on the church orders was planned… and did not come to fruition.

In discussing the Canones Hippolyti yesterday with Daniel Vaucher I remembered that I still had a draft essay from that collection on the Canones. Since so little has been done it seemed worthwhile pulling it out of its obscurity, lest it be of interest.

Please note that it is unedited and incomplete, little more than a first draft; I haven’t even read it through for blogging. However, it may be useful as an introduction to the Canones for those unfamiliar with the document.

The Canons of Hippolytus

1: Discovery and publication

The first indication of the existence of this church order is in a seventeenth century report by Vansleb, who reported the existence of 38 canons of “Abulides” in Arabic and employed in Egyptian Christian circles, though he admitted that…

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