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Needless to say, there has been little to zero recognition of these kinds of questions in Jewish philosophy about human viscera, affect, imagination, and the constitution and deconstitution of human subjectivities. The larger contexts to all this are woolly ideas in the history of philosophy like entelechy, the Bildungstrieb in Kant’s Critique of Judgment, vitalism in Bergson and other. To start this for my own more narrow purposes, I’m turning to material (Deleuzian) feminisms, affect theory, and the rabbis. It’s a compelling assemblage. Without flinching, they’ll look at anything.  You know who you are. I owe an incalculable debt to friends and colleagues Gail Hamner. Laura Levitt, and Claire Katz and to so many students in the Religion Department at Syracuse University. With bumps in the road, working slow and steady. A nice coincidence, on Shabbat I recently finished Moshe Chayyim Luzzato’s Way of God and have started Chaim Volozohin’s Soul of Life

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