The god of ministry and the ministry of God

As a minister I’m fed up of ministry. I’m fed up of hearing about people’s ministries. I’m fed up with ministry prayer/fundraising letters. I’m fed up of thinking about my own ministry.   What’s the problem? Of course in one sense it’s wonderful to have a ministry. Wonderful to have an identity as a great preacher, praise leader, missionary, Sunday school teacher, youth worker, or even an ‘apostolic ministry leading the people of God into an awesome powerful new kingdom experience’. But there is something deeply worrying about this. And I believe that the Church in the West, needs to beware of the dangers of ministry being made a god. On reflection I think this is a world wide problem – given the number of messages I receive from African, Asian and American brothers and sisters who want to tell me about their wonderful ministries and how I need to support…

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3 thoughts on “The god of ministry and the ministry of God

  1. Wow very good. Convicting. A good heart check that ministry is not one’s idol. By the way I’ll be in and out all day and this weekend with ministry so my readings will be slower. If you can pray for my service to the Lord.

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