Reader Questions – Dina on Remarriage

Excellent piece!

Grace and Truth

Hi dear readers,

I’m starting something new, by striving to answer hard questions on my blog through new posts, as a lot of my content is thought-provoking, and may require further clarity.  I’m starting with a series of questions by Dina on remarriage.  You may post questions as comments in relation to posts you’ve read, and I’ll do my best to do justice to your inquiries, if a simple reply just won’t cut it.

I hope you find this new approach encouraging and edifying!


Dina asked:

“Hi Ufuomaee,

I skimmed through your blog and I must commend you for your work. It is truly inspiring to see someone dedicate her life to helping others!

I did have a question on an idea I saw in one of your articles. I may have misunderstood, but it seemed to say that divorce and remarriage constitute adultery. The Hebrew Bible allows…

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