Review: Leviticus 17-22 (AYB)



Jacob Milgrom taught at the University of California, Berkeley and headed the Department of Near Eastern Studies. He was most known for his research on Biblical purity laws and was a (or ‘the’) leading expert on Leviticus (according to Longman). Milligram died in June 2010. He was an American Jewish Bible scholar and a Conservative rabbi. He wrote the Leviticus volume for the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary series, which turned into three volumes: Leviticus 1-16 (1184 pages, Vol 3), Lev. 17-22 (656 pages, Vol 3A), and Lev. 23-27 (848 pages, Vol 3B). There is no ‘page 1’ here. This volume picks up right where Vol 3 left off.


Milligram provides a brief Outline and Translation of the whole book of Exodus. He then covers the Structure, Vocabulary, Extent, and Date of Leviticus 17-22. He believes that these chapters are part of Holiness (H) Source. They are distinguished from the…

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